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The [Member-Only] Paris 🗼 Series

A new-ish series I’ve been working on - it’s a firm reader-favourite and they’re definitely my favourite work. Visit Paris with me! And learn how to do it all with real colloquial French!

The [Member-Only] French 101 🇫🇷 Series

Covers the classi textbook scenarios you’re use to in a new authentic way.
Reader favourites include:

I believe in my readers. I believe you always know more than you think.
I believe you're always further on the path than you think you are.

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We all secretly know the only way to truly learn a language is real-life conversations and experiences. Sadly, lessons and grammar can only take us so far.

While real-life experiences are difficult to recreate, our colloquial conversational dialogues help you learn authentic French in context. They’re how real French people actually speak.

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*Also very helpful to those wanting authentic content after an app like Duolingo! 🦉

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Learn authentic conversational French with me in months not years 🚀 Colloquial dialogues x2 week 💬 No gimmicks, no useless vocab, no endless grammar, just real French 🇫🇷


Learn authentic conversational French with me in months not years 🚀 Colloquial dialogues x2 week 💬 They're how French people actually speak 🇫🇷