French with Amélie
French with Amélie
Paris 🗼 : Demander le chemin 🧭

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Paris 🗼 : Demander le chemin 🧭

Asking for directions in Paris

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✨New drop 🇫🇷 The Assimil Attitude

Been meaning to post this up for quite a while actually. This entire project—the whole French with Amélie schtick—was inspired by the structure and content of the Assimil language learning books →. Some of you will have heard of them I’m sure. My plan intially was to update it for the 21st century!

Staying relaxed, not allowing grammar to disable learning, consistent colloquial practice, keeping things simple. These are all the principle I first learned from Assimil!

And I’ve been meaning to post up the short introduction → from their beginner French boo…

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French with Amélie
French with Amélie
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