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French with Amélie
Tu vas où à l'école ? 🏫

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Tu vas où à l'école ? 🏫

Where did/do you go to school?

Coucou ☕️🇫🇷🥐 I'm Amélie Laurent and this is a 💎 subscriber-only edition 💎 of my newsletter, where I supercharge your progress from A2 to B2 through colloquial dialogues. Your support means the world to me.

Salut tout le monde! 👋🏼

Direction : l'école ! Aujourd'hui, nous parlons des lieux d'apprentissage en français et partageons nos expériences scolaires.

Today I also share with you an important aspect of asking questions in French! Everyone gets taught several forms, but we only really use one in spoken French. See my ✪ Notes below for the details.

It will have been a long time since many of my readers were heading to a college or university classroom, so I’ll look at doing a dialogue soon were people discuss where they went to college (past tense).. of course one of the speakers will be trying to brag! 😉

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French with Amélie
French with Amélie
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